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Spirit Activities Overview

Tap into your 'Spirit' and free your mind! This wide range of 'Spirit' activity options (see below) will take you on a mindful journey, exploring informative wellness workshops and variety of unique yoga practices.


Restorative Yoga, Ontario Wellness Retreat

Restorative Yoga

Calm and quiet your mind while restoring your body.

Supported by bolsters, blocks and blankets, the body drops into a deep state of rest and relaxation during this all-levels, all-good restorative yoga session.

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Suspension Yoga, Wellness Retreat Ontario

Yin Suspension Yoga With Reiki

Relax in this healing sanctuary, designed to melt away your worries and reconnect you to your body.

The YogiGym® Suspension Yoga™ Sling offers an opportunity to relax in this fully supportive and therapeutic practice.

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Meditation and soft yoga


Stretches to open the body, mindful meditative practices to deepen your connection. 

Spark your awareness, indulge in some you time and ease your way through the weekend with some blissful gentle yoga and mindful meditation.

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Jewellery Making Workshop, Wellness Retreat, Ontario

Chakra Balancing Bracelet Workshop

Relax, take in the natural beauty of your surroundings and create the perfect memory of your weekend away.

This workshop will explore a brief introduction to the body's Chakras and together with that information create your own Chakra balancing bracelet.

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Arm Balance Workshop, Retreat, Ontario

Arm Balance Workshop

Get ready to roll out your yoga mat and play in the realm of possibility of balancing on your arms and hands in different ways!

There are many arm balance postures that we will learn including; crow pose, side crow pose, pincha pose, dragon fly, 8 angle pose, pincha pose, headstands and handstands.

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Forest Therapy Walk, Wellness Retreat

Nature and Forest Therapy

We look to our surrounding forest, offering us the opportunity to slow down and drop in to receive it.

While immersed in nature, we slow down, tune into our senses and allow for deep connection, introspection, reflection and sharing. Note: 3 hr session.

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Sauna & Lake Dip

Sauna & Lake Dip 

Warm up, relax, sooth, dip, repeat. 

Known to many as hot/cold contrast therapy, our session involves using the heat from the sauna and the cool waters of the lake to help sooth and recover the body's muscles.

It's the ultimate wellness session, providing both a spa experience along with additional health therapy benefits. Heat exposure improves circulation, blood flow with blood vessel dilation. Cold exposure does the opposite, it constricts blood flow and lowers inflammation.  6 ppl max per sauna (warmed with wood burning stove).


Yoga and Paint Play

Come explore a bit of yoga to ground us and create connection before we dive into exploring some paint together!

This will be an open and creative space to explore many tools beyond a paint brush, maybe even use of your hands!

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