Retreat Location

Sport + Spirit retreats take place at a 'real' camp – on the grounds of Hockey Opportunity Camp – the ideal location for a fall weekend getaway.


Just a few short hours from Toronto, the Almaguin Highlands is a perfect location to escape the city and truly experience a Northern Ontario experience.  

Our camp has it all – rugged trails winding through the forest, clean and pristine waterfront, traditional and comfortable cabins and an outdoor playground of activities.

One of the most prominent features of our camp is the waterfront peninsula. The bay is a natural waterfront shelter, where you can swim, water ski, kayak, play beach volleyball or hangout.

Our camp buildings (non-heated) offer traditional bunking cabins, a large dining hall and recreation centre. And down at the beach, the large covered pavilion with picnic tables is the perfect spot for outdoor barbecues.

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Camp Location

Hockey Opportunity Camp is located near Sundridge & South River off Hwy 11.

  • Approx. 280 km (175 mi) north of Toronto
  • Approx. 65 km (40 mi) south of North Bay

GPS Address

961 Park Rd South, Machar Township ON

IMPORTANT: Some GPS units do not show the new 4-Lane Hwy 11 and therefore may be misleading.

Driving Directions

NOTE: Due to ongoing Municipal road maintenance, there is a stretch of M/S Boundary Rd that is covered with loose gravel. Please take caution while driving through this area.

The camp is a mere 12 minute drive off the 4 lane highway.

To Camp from Huntsville:

  • Follow Hwy 11 North (63 km), Take Exit 282 (Boundary/Mountainview Rd.)
  • Turn left onto M/S Boundary Rd.
  • Follow the signs to the camp (9.6 km)

To Camp From North Bay:

  • Follow Hwy. 11 South (65 km)
  • Take Exit 282 (Boundary/Mountainview Rd.)
  • Turn right on to M/S Boundary Rd.
  • Follow the signs to the camp (9.6 km)

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