Breakout Activities

There will be four (4) breakout activity time blocks offered during the retreat – including both 'sport' and 'spirit' options! 


Activities at Sport & Spirit Wellness Retreat

Sport Activities

Move your body and enjoy the best of summer camp! We have a great selection of camp activities designed for the 'Sporty You' – all of which are designed to be inclusive for all levels of experience.

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Activities for Your Spirit, Wellness Retreat

Spirit Activities

Tap into your 'Spirit' and free your mind! This wide range of activities will take you on a mindful journey, exploring informative wellness workshops and variety of unique yoga practices. 

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How Does It Work?

Upon registration, participants will be asked to choose your top four (4) in order of preference with two (2) alternate options.

Activity time blocks will be pre-populated, based on requests at time of registration and on 'first come first serve'. 

Participants will receive their final activity schedule at check in and will have an opportunity to change their requests, based on availability.

Breakouts include sporty camp and fitness activities, informative health workshops and rejuvenating yoga sessions.  

May We Suggest...

To fully commit to exploring all that Sport + Spirit for Her has to offer, we suggest you consider the following when choosing your activities:

  • Step outside your comfort zone and try a new activity!
  • Try an activity that you remember doing in your childhood and would love to try again. (How much fun would that be?!)
  • Choose a minimum of 2 sport activities, along with 2 spirit activities. After all, balance is a big part of wellness.
  • Make sure you are committed to attending the activities you choose. It's a safe environment where we invite you to explore your own wellness.

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Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat Blog
Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat Blog
Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat Blog
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