Sport Activities

Move your body and free your mind! Our Ontario retreat offer a great selection of camp activities for the 'Sporty You' – designed for women at all levels of experience.


Hockey, Wellness Retreat Activity

Ice Hockey

We’ll get you ready for hockey season.

This is a perfect opportunity to start your hockey season off right with exceptional instructors leading you through power skating, skills and drills.

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Mountain Biking, Wellness Retreat Activity

Mountain Biking

There's always tons of fun on our biking trails!

Participants of all ages and skill levels use rugged Giant Mountain Bikes as they learn how to safely navigate a variety of terrain – including hills and technical single track trails.


Wall Climbing, Wellness Retreat Activity

Wall Climbing

It's 40 feet high – are you UP to the challenge?

Our climbing wall is brand new – and is the perfect  activity to get participants up and out of their comfort zone. With 3 unique climbing elements, you can find your own challenge at any level.  

Water Skiing, Wellness Retreat Activity

Water Skiing

Getting wet is the ONLY option – whether you're on skis or in a tube! 

Just because its September, doesn’t mean the water isn’t warm(ish!). Get up on skis for the first time or revisit a familiar sport – try Two Ski, Slalom, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, Knee Boarding and even Tubing!

Kayaking, Ontario Wellness Retreat


Paddle your way at your own peaceful pace to uber fun.

Participants are provided detailed instruction in paddling techniques, self rescue, balance and stability and marine safety. Many paddling games are played to challenge a participant's skill.

Paddle Boarding, Ontario Wellness Retreat

Paddle Boarding

Great for core strength & cross-training!

Paddle Boarding is the combination of lakefront fun and agility. Learn to balance on your board and travel around the bay. Although it might be a difficult skill to master, paddle boarding is a fantastic core strength workout!

Archery, Ontario Wellness Retreat Activity


Got a little Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen envy?

Well, why not try one of the most popular activities at camp - Archery. The archery class teaches participants how to safely use regulation bows and arrows to shoot at static targets.


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Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat Blog
Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat Blog
Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat Blog
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