Yin Suspension with Reiki Healing

At Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat, we offer this therapeutic style Suspension Yoga activity designed to melt away worries and reconnect you to your body in a cooling, healing practice.



Yin Suspension with Reiki Healing

Surrender to gravity and release all of your stress in this Suspended Yin yoga class with the unique benefits of included Reiki energy healing from a Reiki Master. This class is a healing sanctuary designed to melt away your worries and reconnect you to your body in a cooling, healing practice while you float weightlessly through the air with the YogiGym®.

Yin Yoga is a form of Yoga practice that focuses on releasing blockages of energy and emotions from the body and mind by creating length, space, flexibility, and deepening the mind-body connection through longer held poses than its active, Yang counterparts. Reiki is an energy healing modality that works by restoring and increasing the flow of life force energy, further releasing energetic and emotional blockages, and reconnecting wth yourself on a deeper energetic, emotional and spiritual level.

Yin Yoga using the YogiGym® allows for the therapeutic benefits of traction, joint support and inversion, and you can surrender to gravity using a fully supported and passive approach to each asana.

In this class, you can experience a therapeutic effect on the connective tissues, muscles, and joints. This can help to prevent injury, increase flexibility, and to help slow, quiet and cool the body and mind to balance a high-paced and overstimulated lifestyle. Please let your instructor know at any time if you would not like to receive Reiki treatment during the class.

NOTE: If you are looking for more of a high flow workout and body sculpting Suspension Yoga activity, Michelle is also offering Suspension Fit.

Michelle Righetti, Suspension Yoga

CYA-RYT200 / Reiki Master
Certified Suspension Teacher

Michelle Righetti has been a healer and yoga practitioner for over 20 years, first learned energy healing techniques that were passed down through her family and her grandmother, who was her first yoga and energy healing teacher while she was young and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

While she was beginning her career as a singer and actor, Michelle gravitated towards her yoga practice as a way to stay centred, and to help her body keep up with the demands of her work. In 2010, Michelle was injured during sudden turbulence on a flight. It was when those injuries threatened her ability to continue her work, and when traditional treatment options did not appear to offer a full restorative solution that Michelle begun to delve deeper into the possibility of supporting the body’s natural healing abilities through Reiki and Yoga.

It was through embarking on this healing journey that Michelle discovered that her passion for healing and Yoga could help others to live healthier lives, heal their bodies and minds and achieve things they once only dreamed possible. 

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