Ice Hockey

At Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat, we offer Ice Hockey training as one of our sport camp activities



Ice Hockey

Seeing as we are at a hockey camp, why not try our on-ice hockey training 'Sport' activity.

Ice Hockey 'Sport' Activity Details:

  • 1 - 2 hour ice sessions (see Saturday afternoon retreat schedule - Retreat Schedule)
  • Power skating, skills and drills 
  • All skill levels welcome - participants will be divided on the ice based on skill level and instruction will challenge each participant to their own level
  • Spots are limited and filled based on first come first served.

Participants Required To: 

  • Provide own hockey and safety equipment
  • Be responsible for transportation to/from camp to arena (10 minute drive has been allocated into retreat schedule)

Exceptional Hockey Instructors:

Bullseye Axe Throwing, Axe Throw Activity

Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat takes place at Hockey Opportunity Camp (HOC) - HOC is a residential summer children’s camp in Ontario that has been privately owned and operated since 1966.

Children from all over the world, aged 7-16, come to experience “The Ultimate Hockey And Summer Camp Experience” on beautiful Eagle Lake. 

While many summer hockey camps don't offer much more than on-ice training, many kids may feel that in order to keep their "hockey legs" in shape over the summer, their only option is to sacrifice going away to summer camp so they can stay in the city to train. 

At HOC, kids don't need to choose. Rather, they can experience both hockey training and summer camp in the same experience. Our “Best in Class” hockey development program will ensure campers continue with a rigorous and challenging on-ice program, but still have the time to enjoy other summer sports and activities they love, all in a beautiful Northern Ontario lake setting. 

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