Forest Therapy Walk

At Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat, we look to our surrounding forest, offering us the opportunity slow down and drop in to receive it. Curious about what gifts the forest has for you?



Forest Therapy Walk

NOTE: This is a 3-hour workshop and will only be offered on Sunday, September 20, 9:15am - 12:30 pm (Session 4 & 5 - Breakout Activities - see Wellness Retreat Schedule).

Nature and Forest Therapy, often called Forest Bathing, is inspired by the Japanese practice Shinrin-Yoku. T

his practice helps us reconnect to our place among all things. In a time when our lives are overwhelming and over stimulating, this subtle practice grounds us and brings us to a place of balance and connection.

While immersed in nature we slow down, tune into our senses and allow for deep connection, introspection, reflection and sharing. We cultivate the practice of stillness as we focus our attention within ourselves and the natural environment around us. We don’t travel far on a Forest Therapy Walk, as this is all about the journey not the distance covered.

You will be guided by a certified Forest Therapy Guide who holds the space so that you can completely immerse in the experience with the more-than-human world. The guide offers a series of sensory invitations facilitating explorations in nature.

Each participant has a unique experience as each receives the invitations in ways that feel right for them. There is no incorrect way to receive an invitation. As we cultivate connection to the non-human elements in our natural environment we intuitively connect with ourselves a little deeper.

Forest therapy is a practice that allows individuals to connect with nature and being themselves to the true essence of their being. Because of this, the body and mind have the opportunity to be in the same space simultaneously bringing awareness to the present moment.

When we are present, our bodies respond to the natural surroundings and our internal systems slow down, blood pressure lowers, our stress level drop and we begin to heal.

While there is a great deal of scientifically proven positive effects of nature on humans, this relationship between humans and trees and nature has been widely practiced for thousands of years.

Based on registration, Allison will be supported by Beth Montgomery (Restorative Yoga Instructor). Beth is also a Forest Therapy Guide and Coach.

What part of your story is still calling out to you?

Allison Easton, Forest Therapy Walk Workshop

Allison Easton began Graceful Roots after a culmination of lived experiences and educational pursuits, and in her words allowing her to flourish gracefully.  

After a lengthy recovery from a major surgery, Allison used yoga, meditation and nature to heal.

During this time she felt called to follow her heart and travel to Costa Rica where she completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with The Marianne Wells Yoga School. Immersed in the jungle, she was pulled even deeper into her connection with trees, animals and nature.

As a volunteer hike leader, with Rainbow Routes Association, Allison has led countless hikes on local trails in her home town in Northern Ontario.

Studying her local plants with curiosity, Allison found a deeper passion for nature and an undeniable calling to connect with plants. She undertook and obtained a 375 hour certification in foraging edible and medicinal wild herbs through the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine.

In 2019 another calling from the Forest, Allison joined the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT) intensive training in British Columbia and received her certification as a Forest Therapy Guide.

Forest Therapy impacted Allison personally in a profound way and through Grace Roots she offers guided Forest Therapy Walks in the Greater City of Sudbury allowing others to receive healing from the Forest. 

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