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Kombucha Workshop

At Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat, our Kombucha Workshop will get you started to brew your own nutritious beverage at home.



Brew Your Own Kombucha (BYOK)

Wondering what all the hype is about or never heard of this healthy tonic?

Kombucha is an ancient, naturally carbonated beverage made from fermented tea and infused with fruits, herbal teas, spices and botanicals that taste great.

Christy Deere, Owner and Brewmaster of Collingwood Kombucha Company will lead an interactive workshop that will give you the skills and the confidence to make this nutritious beverage at home. It’s not hard, it just requires your love and attention, just like growing a garden or tending to house plants.

You will learn what kombucha is and where it comes from, why you should include ferments as part of your regular diet, how to safely brew your own at home and how to use fruits, herbs and spices to create flavours even your kids will love! 

You will take home a kit that will make you an expert maker on your first try. We get you started with the live culture starter (SCOBY), nutrient tea to feed your culture (organic cane sugar, organic oolong tea), a fermenting jar and cover, a couple of flavour blends that everyone will love, and a detailed instructions manual.

Our customers tell us drinking our kombucha daily has supported digestion, given them more energy, reduced inflammation and improved their overall health.

Take control of your health and Nurture Yourself With Nature.


Kombucha Workshop, Sport & Spirit Wellness Retreat

Christy Deere is the Owner and Brewmaster of Collingwood Kombucha Company

Christy's Story:

My grand mother was just 45 yrs old when she was diagnosed with Lupus and told she would just slowly die from the disease.

A man who owned the veggie stand in Toronto’s Kensington Market noticed she was losing her hair and the pigmentation in her skin. Learning it was an autoimmune disease he took her into the back room where he was practicing Chinese Herbal Medicine.

She went home with all kinds of strange smelling dried plants, weird and wild roots, little brown bottles of tinctures and instructions on how to heal naturally. From that day forward she took control of her and her families health using only natural and herbal medicine.

She lived a strong vibrant life, free from disease until age 96.

This is the inspiration behind what I do and who I am. My name is Christy Deere and I have been making kombucha for friends and family for 5 years and have recently taken their advice to share my favorite beverage and brewing knowledge with my larger community.

Collingwood Kombucha Company is a craft nano-brewery and retail store in Collingwood, Ontario and is a place to LEARN~TRY~BUY all things Kombucha.

I study wild edibles and plant medicine as a hobby and have been nurturing myself with the healing powers of nature my whole life. I am excited to share what I have learned with my community!

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