Wellness Retreat Spirit Activities

Tap into your 'Spirit' and free your mind! This wide range of activities will take you on a mindful journey, exploring informative wellness workshops and variety of unique yoga practices.


Restorative Yoga, Ontario Wellness Retreat

Restorative Yoga

Calm and quiet your mind while restoring your body.

Supported by bolsters, blocks and blankets the body drops into a deep state of rest and relaxation during this all-levels, all-good restorative yoga session.

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Yoga, Ontario Wellness Retreat Activity

Yoga With a Twist

Be ready for a unique and redefined take on yoga.

Using traditional yoga poses and stretches, you are guided through fun and creative flows emphasizing deep stretches, strengthening and mindfulness.

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Meditation, Ontario Wellness Retreat


Introducing you to gentle and effective way to cultivate awareness.

This workshop Introduces participants to a range of short mindfulness practices together with an overview of the core principles of mindfulness and its benefits.

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Kundalini Yoga, Wellness Retreat, Ontario

Power Flow Yoga

Awaken your awareness of your original self.

An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, incorporating movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation and the chanting of mantras. Experience this amazing yoga technology. 

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Ayurveda Workshop, Wellness Retreat

Myofascial Release Yoga

Release your myofascial restrictions in this yoga class.

Experience a myofascial release, a gentle, safe and highly effective hands-on technique which provides sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions.

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Suspension Yoga, Wellness Retreat Ontario

Suspension Yoga

Feel invigorated, inspired, energized and relaxed.

Learn about the YogiGym® Suspension Yoga™ Sling both on the ground and airborne. Discover how inversions and aerial movements help you achieve the deep delicious stretches you've been dreaming of.

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Kombucha Workshop, Wellness Retreat, Ontario

Kombucha Workshop

BYOK - Brew Your Own Kombucha!

This interactive workshop will give you the skills and the confidence to make this nutritious beverage at home. It’s not hard, it just requires your love and attention, just like growing a garden or tending to house plants.

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Vision Board Workshop, Wellness Retreat, Ontario

Vision Board Workshop

Live into your greatest potential. Create the life you want!

This 3 hr workshop will guide you on a journey toward a deeper understanding of your personal vision by exploring the key areas of your life and creating a focus that will inspire change.

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Jewellery Making Workshop, Wellness Retreat, Ontario

Intention Bracelet Workshop

Relax, take in the natural beauty of your surroundings and create the perfect memory of your weekend away.

This workshop will allow you to infuse your creation with mantra and seal it with intentions.

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The Latest From Our Wellness Blog

Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat Blog
Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat Blog
Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat Blog
Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat Blog

Mindfulness For Better Health & Happiness

Mindfulness For Better Health & Happiness.

It's Hooping Time and We're Not Talking About Basketball!

Hooping is a fun full body practice that not only engages our core strength but our body, mind and spirit.

Sneak peak into the 2019 retreat swag bag - TaLiiTowels

It's the perfect towel for all your sport and spirit activities. Good thing we've included it in the 2019 Wellness and Hockey Retreat Swag Bag.

Get Ready for an Incredible Women's Weekend...Made Just for You!!

Thanks to the success of last year's inaugural retreat, we are so excited to announce two women's retreats for 2019 - Wellness Retreat and Hockey Retreat.

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