Axe Throwing

At Sport + Spirit Wellness Retreat, we offer Axe Throwing, an exhilarating and fun new activity.



Axe Throwing

Steady Thy Hand! So you think you can kick some Axe?

Do you have great hand-eye coordination, and aim that is right on the money?

Prove it!

Supervised by a member of Bullseye’s coaching staff, this activity takes place within a secure private throwing area and at a safe target range.

You will get in touch with their primitive self, take an axe in hand and propel it towards real tree stumps.

You will learn all the axe throwing skills you need to compete.

It all begins with individual instructions and coaching, leading to a round robin tournament, and then to a knockout tournament, where the two finalists will then square off for axe throwing glory!

Bullseye Axe Throwing, Axe Throw Activity

Bullseye Axe Throwing -

You might be wondering why we call ourselves “THE REAL DEAL OF AXE THROWING”. Well that is simple. We use real fresh cut log’s for our targets, not building materials that you can find at your local home improvement store.

What does that mean to you? Less dropped axes, more competitive, and a more exhilarating experience!

It’s hard to hold an axe without getting the urge to watch it spin through the air and sink its blade into wood. At Bullseye Axe Throwing, people can indulge in that instinct. 

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