Ayurveda and Healing

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Ayurveda and Healing

Ayurveda. You might have heard or maybe seen the words Ayurveda and thought….how do I even pronounce it, let alone know what it is?

- By Justine Chomski MacDonald, Dandelion Holistic Healing

Ayurveda pronounced (Ayr-U-Veda) is one of the world’s oldest healing systems - over 5,000 years old.  It’s lineage is from India and it is yoga’s sister science.

It is comprised of three different body types, otherwise known as Doshas.  Knowing your individual body type allows you to make the best choices about diet, lifestyle and supplements to keep in optimal health.

3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) make up Ayurveda. Which one are you? 

Vata Characteristics: Vata out of balance you may experience:

- cold

- light

- small frame

- creative

- go getter

- lively

- tendencies towards cold hands & feet

- movement & change

- constipation

- spacey

- anxiety

- eating disorders

- arthritis

- restlessness

- insomnia

- digestion issues

Pitta Characteristics Pitta out of balance you may experience

- hot

- sharp

- intense

- oily

- light

- medium size & weight

- sound sleeper

- good digestion

- skin rashes

- ulcers

- heartburn

- hot flashes

- irritable

- short tempered

- indigestion

Kapha Characteristics Kapha out of balance you may experience

- easy going

- relaxed

- strong build

- affectionate

- loving

- stable

- soft

- good digestion

- weight gain

- allergies

- fluid retention

- too much sleep

- asthma

- depression

- diabetes

Living a life out of balance, not in line with your own personal body type will create a greater impact on your hormones.

Especially as women enter into the perimenopause, as you are moving from a Pitta state into a Vata one.

Justine has designed this simple hormones quiz based on Ayurveda principles. It will tell you what dosha you are out of balance and some tips on diet & lifestyle.

Hormone Quiz - Click Here

Registered in Justine's workshop at the Sport + Spirit for Her Retreat?

Participants registered to take part in Justine’s Ayurveda Workshop @ S+S will dig deeper into women’s health from an Ayurveda perspective.

You will leave with a deeper understanding in regards to your individual body type and practical tools to have you move towards a more balanced life.

Website: Dandelion Holistic Healing

Facebook: @dandelionholistichealing

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