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This is a perfect opportunity to start your hockey season off right with exceptional hockey instructors leading you through power skating, skills and drills.

- By Sophie McLaughlin, Founder of Sport + Spirit

We are excited to add Ice Hockey to the list of 'Sport' Activity options available to participants at the retreat at no extra cost.

Ice Hockey 'Sport' Activity Details:

  • 2 - 1.5 hour ice sessions (Saturday and Sunday). See retreat schedule - Retreat Schedule
  • Power skating, skills and drills 
  • All skill levels welcome - participants will be divided on the ice based on skill level and instruction will challenge each participant to their own level
  • Spots are limited and filled based on first come first served. 

Participants Required to:

  • Provide own hockey and safety equipment
  • Be responsible for transportation to/from camp to arena (10 minute drive time has been allocated into retreat schedule)

Exceptional Hockey Instructors

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