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Opening Welcome Speaker Barbara Demone – Finding Our Centre and Our Happiness

As our opening welcome speaker, Barbara Demone will help get us ready for our weekend ahead of inner and outer exploration, sharing her happiness formula.



Finding Our Centre and Our Happiness.

As we centre ourselves for a weekend of inner and outer exploration, Barbara will share her happiness formula and the key ingredients to finding inner peace in the midst of a busy life.

Together we’ll wind down from the week behind us and open our hearts to fully welcome the new experiences to come.

We’ll explore the power of our mindset and discover that by enhancing our own inner peace we positively impact those around us.

Happiness has a ripple effect!
In this session, we’ll have an opportunity to connect to ourselves and each other, as we start spreading our positive ripples.

In her book, Good Morning, Life! One Woman Waking Up to Happiness, One Moment at a Time, Demone shares the collected insights from her journals and reveals her stress-tested formula to enjoying:

  • Confident and compassionate leadership
  • Effective, guilt-free parenting
  • Cool-headed decision-making in heated situations
  • Less drama; more harmonious relationships
  • And that priceless yet elusive state: abundant, unfettered happiness.

Belinda Clemmensen, Keynote Speaker

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Barbara Demone is an author, dedicated mom and financial services executive. A results-oriented leader and bank regulator, for the last two decades she has dedicated her career to helping Canadians sleep at night knowing their hard-earned money is safe when they deposit it in a bank.

Barbara has worked with banks of various sizes and risk profiles, from global systemically important banks (GSIBs) to foreign bank branches.

During her leadership journey, she uncovered a core belief - everything starts with people. And when people are happy, they are more engaged, creative, and productive and they perform better. Leading with authenticity and helping people meet their potential are key drivers of her business success. Her core belief also led her to a new role as a happiness advocate and author.

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