Sneak peak into the 2019 retreat swag bag - TaLiiTowels

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Sneak peak into the 2019 retreat swag bag - TaLiiTowels

It's the perfect towel for all your Sport and Spirit activities. Good thing we've included it in the 2019 Wellness and Hockey Retreat Swag Bag.

- By Sophie McLaughlin, Founder of Sport + Spirit

Crafting the perfect 2019 Swag Bag

Everyone loves to take home some swag from an event and this year we have crafted the perfect swag bag of items. Without giving away all the goods, here's a sneak peak into one of our items that guests will be sure to use and love.

TaLii Sports Sheet

We are excited to partner with TaLiiTowels this year and provide guests with their very own TaLii Sports Sheet.

This perfect size sport towel fits nicely in any of your sport/yoga/gym/hockey bag and suits any active lifestyle. 

Made from an anti-bacterial, super absorbent microfibre material, your sports sheet will be there to not only absorb your perspiration, but designed to dry quickly. 

Just the Right Size, Without the Bulk

In addition to the Sports Sheet, TaLii towels offers just the right size, without the bulk. Check out the Full Collection.

Nothing is more annoying than dragging a Costco sized bag full of only 4 traditional towels to the beach along with the rest of your load not to mention lugging them home heavy, wet and smelly.

Packs down to the size of an IPad while unrolling to the size of a chaise lounge chair. Ditch the large towels and change to TaLii Towels!

Everyday, Every Adventure

Whether it be at the pool or the lake, or under the tropical sun, bring TaLiiTowels with you!

Maximize your uses by having them around your home for daily routines; in the kitchen for a dish cloth or tea towel, in the bathroom for hands, body and hair, in the car for easy clean ups, or in the hockey bag for skate wiping and equipment cleaning.

Ideal for travelling light and adventuring; essentially from camping to glamping! The list goes on!

TaLiiTowels come in 23 beautiful colours, from neutrals to bright. 


70% - Dries 70% faster than a regular towel
75% - 75% thinner than a regular towel
500% - Holds 5x more water

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