Sport + Spirit For Her Women's Retreat - 100% SOLD OUT

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Sport + Spirit For Her Women's Retreat - 100% SOLD OUT

Sport + Spirit for Her Women's Retreat is now 100% SOLD OUT!

- By Sophie McLaughlin, Founder of Sport + Spirit


Thanks to the amazing support, we are excited to announce that the 2018 Sport + Spirit for Her Retreat is now 100% SOLD OUT. If you are interested in being added to our waitlist, please apply to register at S+S Registration

Camp memories... they're magical!

Summer camp in Ontario is something special.

If you have ever picked up your child from summer camp you'll know what we mean. Recall the car ride home being bombarded by the endless stories, accomplishments and details, not to mention all the new friends met.

The memories left behind from camp are magical and life changing.

So ladies, why can’t YOU also have those same experiences and memories?

We have re-created all the fun and freedom of summer camp in a condensed weekend but with much, much, more…suited to meet the needs of women.  

The Sport + Spirit for Her Retreat is the perfect weekend getaway for ladies (21+) who are interested in stepping outside their comfort zone and exploring new outlooks on health and wellness.

This time, though, the memories are all yours.

Taking time for yourself, away from family, work and life may be a tough ask of you. You may need to consider “is it worth it”? Well, we think so!

You may not realize it until the weekend is over, but you will just need to trust us on this one.

Or just trust the incredible line-up of facilitators, programs and activities we have assembled. DISCOVER >

Is Sport & Spirit For Her Right For You? FIND OUT > 

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