The most painful question ever asked of me… “What’s your passion?”

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The most painful question ever asked of me… “What’s your passion?”

As a woman in my mid 40s, the answer to this question could have gone two ways, depending on my mood, life chaos or hormone balance.

- By Sophie McLaughlin, Founder of Sport + Spirit

If I were feeling like a fighter, defending my existence (as if the day to day life of being mother, wife, friend, daughter, business owner wasn’t enough), I would have answered with a clear “I don’t know, do I need one?, stop asking me”.

Then walking away being frustrated at not having an answer.

Or, if I were feeling like a woman with time to breath and take a minute to ponder the question without judgment, I would say, “I don’t know, but I really need to find one.”

A tarot card once given to me read, “I am the creator of my own life experience." Talk about a getting a kick in the backside to get me moving and find the answer to my life’s purpose. Once again, being frustrated by my inability to fulfil its meaning, I just felt lost. 

I really just wanted someone to tell me what it was or how to do it.

I just wanted someone to tell me the steps I needed to follow to achieve “it”. It was really hard to be mindful of my existence and put the work into answering the tough question.

But, I think I did it, or at least am on the path to finding “it”.

For me, it took the words of a spiritual medium to show me a path that was clearer than anything I had ever seen before.

It was a path that would lead me to my vision today; organizing a women’s retreat that helps explore all the different ways to achieve wellness. Will this get me the closer to my purpose and drive in life?

The retreat incorporates everything I feel that I need and want so by helping others to explore wellness, I might just find out what wellness means to me.  

So, how does it feel to be a woman in my mid 40s and start a new journey?

Actually, great! Once I committed to the process that started with a flick of a 'mind switch', I turned to my life experiences, history, gut feelings and internal motivation to help determine what I wanted (and needed) to do.

It’s pretty freeing to no longer live in a box that was defined by the stage of my life. Each stage of life required my attention in different ways and brought with it certain requirements of me.

This next stage for me does not have a name, but has the opportunity for me to define it however I want.  

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