Chakra Balancing Bracelet Workshop

At Sport + Spirit Hockey Retreat, we offer you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the art of bracelet making. 



Chakra Balancing Bracelet Workshop

Make + Take: Beads of Life

Explore a brief introduction to the chakras (the system of vital life force energy that informs our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states) followed by a chakra balancing meditation. 

Together with this awareness, craft your own chakra-balancing-crystal- healing bracelet!

Examples of beads used would include crystals that align with the chakras such as;

  • amethyst,
  • labradorite,
  • citrine,
  • tigers eye,
  • jasper,
  • all kinds of quartz, and of course
  • essential oil absorbing lava rocks

Your personal chakra balancing bracelet will be a reminder of your time at Sport & Spirit.

Intention Bracelet Workshop, Sport & Spirit Wellness Retreat

Fully supportive, naturually grounding, made in Muskoka. That is the motto of Candice Sheriff, founder/owner of Mantus Yoga.

Mantus isn't just another company for her – it's a lifestyle that has been chosen, seeded from her passions and rooted in her beliefs to use local resources.

Her philosophy is grounded in sustainability, so that we are not merely creating more 'stuff', but rather products with purpose.

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